OCIO Services

Gain a higher degree of investment insight with a dedicated Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO). Our OCIO services provide complete oversight of all fiduciary strategy, due diligence, asset allocation, and regulatory guidance needs, acting as an all-in-one and indispensable financial consultants for your organization.

Strategic Guidance and Day-to-Day
Management of All Investment Functions

Institutional clients of all sizes have complex portfolios to manage, and the associated risks and regulatory requirements can make even small decisions challenging. Our OCIO will take ownership as a portfolio manager of the investment management tasks and apply ACG’s time-tested strategic investment philosophies to define portfolio growth goals, risk/return objectives, and any constraints preventing you from unlocking the full potential of your assets.

Portfolio Management
& Allocation

ACG will take complete ownership of portfolio management, creating an Investment Policy Statement, outlining your growth goals, managing strategic asset allocation, and applying a time-tested framework for portfolio construction and rebalancing that suits your organization’s goals.

Manager Selection

The ACG platform provides oversight of all aspects of investment manager research, hiring, and performance evaluation to support portfolio management. This top-level guidance allows us to best integrate our teams’ complementary areas of expertise and create an ideal asset allocation strategy that maximizes ROI for each client.

Strategic Risk Management & Reduction

Some level of risk is inherent to investing, but an OCIO can make the difference between a risky financial play and a strategic investment backed by quantified risk/return objectives. ACG doesn’t make short term decisions with long term assets.

Our OCIO services are informed by ongoing research into changing market conditions and supported by industry best practices and investing insights that give clients complete confidence in their investing strategy.

Ongoing Strategic Insights

Few in-house consultants or analysts can match the expertise of a dedicated OCIO who boasts decades of experience in financial analysis and investment oversight. OCIO functions include creation and deployment of strategic initiatives, application of technologies, customized asset allocation models, and personnel management to provide a comprehensive solution that extends the capabilities of your organization.

Our Principles

We provide investment services built on a solid foundation of honesty, integrity, and good old-fashioned hard work. Our team believes in the value of transparency, keeping clients involved through regular communication, and never compromising on the guiding principles that brought us where we are today.

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