How We Help

For over 25 years, the Atlanta Consulting Group has supported our clients’ financial needs by providing elegant solutions that demystify and simplify complex concepts in the financial world. Our institutional clients benefit from a high-touch approach built on communication, collaboration, and a partnership-based approach to investing. Backed by a dedicated team of investors, consultants, and analysts, we act as an extension of our clients’ organizations and provide results far beyond the ordinary.

The ACG Difference

We apply high-level, strategic thinking that clearly defines risk and return objectives, evaluation standards, and portfolio
constraints. Our focused team of strategists simplifies investing to help you make decisions and start seeing results quickly –
all while providing ongoing education that supports your organization’s long-term success.

Comprehensive Investment Services

ACG is more than an investment firm. We’re a full-service strategic partner that supports every aspect of your organization. We offer professional guidance across strategic planning for investments, annual audit support, creating investment decks for stakeholders, managing speaking engagements, and more, all to support your financial goals. No matter what your needs are, our strategists create personalized solutions to add value to your enterprise.

A Collaborative Approach to Investing

At ACG, we set ourselves apart by purposely limiting the number of clients we serve in order to offer a higher degree of personalized attention and service. While other firms think of clients in terms of numbers, we think of them as people first. Accordingly, we prioritize client education and collaboration as key drivers of success. We’ll work with each client to offer clear, transparent solutions that move business forward, with all decisions grounded in mutual trust and respect.

“We make pragmatic recommendations based on today’s market. Quantitative analysis only goes so far – qualitative reasoning and rationale are essential.”

– Roderick Hennek, The Atlanta Consulting Group

Client Relationships

Our committed team of investment professionals aims to build long-term relationships with every client who comes through our
door. Our trusted advisors create personalized solutions based on each organization’s needs and keeps every client involved
throughout the process.

We Simplify the Complex

We know investment decisions can be confusing, which is why we make it our mission to demystify the financial world through clear, transparent, and collaborative decisions. Our team provides ongoing education and training to keep clients up-to-late with emerging trends and concepts in finance. Couple with our professional expertise, we ensure that all clients leave engagements better informed and prepared for the future.

Consistency in People, Process, & Performance

Where large investment firms may hand off clients among several consultants and analysts, ACG takes a different approach. Our small, concentrated group of professionals provides a consistent approach to advisory services, appointing dedicated contacts for each account who learn each client’s needs, perform due diligence, and provide immediate solutions to problems. This ensures that all clients receive a seamless, consistent experience that generates results.

“The boutique nature of our firm allows for an unparalleled degree of client service. As a result, we build client relationships that last for decades.”

– Michael Butkus, The Atlanta Consulting Group

Investment Process

ACG provides a personalized investment process based on communication, collaboration, and the elimination of silo’d decision-making. Our senior-level staff remain fully engaged with analysts and consultants to review information and create coordinated investment strategies seek to achieve – and exceed – our clients’ expectations.

What’s Happening at ACG

ACG’s Capital Markets Review

Equities staged an abrupt reversal in mid-August and finished down for the month. The S&P 500 started the month on a strong note, with the index rallying above the 4300 level by mid-month, but quickly retreated below the 4000 level to end August. The early month rally focused on the narrative of peak inflation and a potentially less hawkish Federal Reserve. By late August, however, fears of the recent rally being a bear market bounce got more traction and eventually won out.


ACG’s Capital Markets Review

U.S equites were down in June, with the S&P 500 posting its second-worst monthly performance of the year and moving the index deeper into bear market territory. Hotter-than-expected inflation and the Federal Reserve response in addition to recession worries remained the core narrative and resulted in a board risk-off atmosphere for the month.


ACG’s Capital Markets Review

U.S. equities ended the month of May essentially unchanged. The final tally, however, masked a great deal of intra-month volatility. The S&P 500 initially fell an additional 8% vs. the prior month end and hit an intra-day low on May 20th that stood (at least for a few minutes) just below the bear market threshold of a 20% peak-to-trough loss. At that point, the market rallied sharply over the next few sessions to close the month nearly flat.


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